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Ali Asaria


Ali Asaria is the Founder and CEO of Tulip Retail, the leader in store associate mobile solutions. Established in 2013, Tulip supplies leading retailers with in-hand technology that empowers their store associates with the product, customer and store information they need to deliver breakthrough customer experiences.

Ali is also the Founder and former CEO of Well.ca, a leading online retailer of health, beauty and baby products.

Through innovative retailing developments like nationwide free shipping, a Virtual Wall for ordering products on-the-go, and apps for every platform, Well.ca grew to become one of Canada’s leading retailers, earning the Retail Council of Canada Award for best E-commerce retailer and the Canada Post eCommerce Innovations award for best e-tailer.

Previous to that, Ali worked at BlackBerry in various roles and was best known for making BrickBreaker, which was one of the most popular mobile games of its time.

Session description
We all keep hearing about how artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation are going to replace all jobs. In this talk, Ali Asaria will show how these new technologies will disrupt the job market, but, unlike what people fear, they will not end jobs altogether. Looking at the data, combined with past evidence from various job sectors, this talk will attempt to show how the future of jobs may indeed be much brighter than we think.

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