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Dawn Leetham


A talented project manager, Dawn Leetham brings over 20 years of combined project management and software solutions experience to eSentire. As the Vice President of Customer Success and Services, she specializes in ensuring that client needs are met with the right solutions and each project receives meticulous attention to detail. Dawn holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, and has been a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) since 2005.

Session description: Cybersecurity - What do you need to know?
We are seeing a significant increase in cybercrime that can end your business in a matter of seconds. Cybercriminals are getting faster, stronger and smarter by constantly evolving their attack methods in their attempts to gain access to your firm’s confidential highly sensitive information.
Join Retired Lieutenant General Ronnie Hawkins Jr, U.S. Air Force and President of the Hawkins Group, Dawn Leetham, VP of Customer Success & Services eSentire, Megan Eckhardt, Manager SOC Customer Care eSentire as they dive into:
What is the cybersecurity culture?
What are the cybersecurity challenges for businesses?
How to protect your business from financial and reputational damage?
What can be done? Balancing the signal: noise ratio to quickly identify the bad stuff.

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